Smart, Drought Tolerant Design

Drought Tolerant Design andXeriscaping

Discovering wildlife and fusing your personal style with water-saving efforts

Imagine looking outside at night and discovering a moth that looks just like a humming bird sipping nectar from one of your night-blooming succulents! Support wildlife and complex ecological relationships by using native plants local to your area and choosing planting and landscaping techniques that are water-conscious. Using natives is also a good way to find unique varieties of plants to showcase in your garden.

Selecting greenery that will consume less water is only one aspect of drought-tolerant design. Xeriscaping is landscaping in a style that requires little or no irrigation, and it includes planning for pitch of the ground, sun exposure, and wind. Its implementation requires knowledge of microclimates and local native plant species.

Xeriscaping sometimes creates a more modern feel, but this does not always have to be the case. Many plants associated with a more traditional aesthetic can also be used. Let our knowledgeable designers fuse your personal style with efforts to save water. You and your family may discover fascinating members of the animal kingdom in the process!

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