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Our LandscapeDesign Process

Because it is so important that we understand your preferences, we usually have between 3 and 5 meetings with our clients to ensure that our plans align with your priorities. We are respectful of our clients’ preferences and work to make sure that our expertise is used to put your ideas into action.

During an initial free landscape consultation, we listen. We want to know what is important to you about your space. With many years of landscaping and horticulture experience, our designers also offer input for custom designs. If necessary, another meeting to gather additional details and take measurements is scheduled.

Lavish Garderns puts theClients First

A Preliminary Review allows clients to fully go through the new landscape design with their designer. At Lavish, we consider clients to be part of the design team. If there is a difference between your vision and the designer’s, changes are made to the plan to ensure it is one that you really love. Communication is vital during our process, and if extra meetings are needed to make the design one that you are ecstatic about, they are included in the package.

Once final, your designer can supply you with copies of the design if needed for Home Owner's Association review. When the professional landscape design is done, including an itemized estimate, a construction contract will be completed.

We work with you as a team; it matters to us that you love the finished result. Landscape and quality construction is our passion. A welcoming outdoor area is more than the sum of its parts. It is a place to relax and recharge.

Lavish Gardens'Continuity

We ensure continuity by having your licensed landscape consultant stay with you throughout the process. Once your contract for construction has been signed, your consultant is not replaced with a new face but becomes your project coordinator. During a Pre-Construction Job Walk, he or she will discuss with you and the job foreman what the work entails, materials to be used, and basic timelines. This is to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Your landscape project is fully discussed, and this includes answering all questions for you, our client, as well as for our team. Thanks to this meeting, once construction starts, you don’t have to be home on a daily basis. You can go on with life or go on vacation!


Communication is also an important part of how we create our project contract/construction contract. We include as much detail as possible in addition to approximate start and completion dates. The project supervisor keeps the job moving and makes sure that it is an organized landscape project until our job is done. Remember, your project coordinator will have consistent communication with you so that you are not left wondering about a thing. You get to sit back and have some fun with the exciting transformation that will happen before your eyes, creating your dream landscape.

On a daily basis once the project has started, we send out Daily Updates to let you know what is happening the next day. This keeps you informed of materials being delivered and how your project is progressing. It is a service that few other companies offer, but we like to go the extra mile to keep you informed so you are never left wondering about your project's status.

We are also careful to communicate effectively in terms of the exact placement of the features within your landscape. The Lavish Gardens Landscape Team will paint out or outline on the ground where the key elements of your design are going to be. We do this to ensure that our clients can visually see the size and location of the landscape items and ensure they are exactly as you like them before construction starts. Many clients like the option to change their mind on sizes or shapes. This simple process ensures you get exactly what you are envisioning for your space.

Selecting QualityMaterials

After a Pre-Construction Job Walk, our foreman will wait a few days before continuing with the construction process, just in case you would like extra time to think about and finalize your decisions before moving forward. We have found that it is often a good idea to let a plan "sit" for a few days before taking action so you can look at the project with a fresh perspective and make sure you are getting everything you want for your new yard. The foreman will discuss the work with the project supervisor and use this time to get organized and gather materials so that the project will move along with minimal or no delays once construction begins. Our planning process ensures that we can work faster with very few interruptions, making your project come to life!

With all the effort and passion we put into designing our landscapes, we insist on using the best materials possible to bring them to life, using industry-standard or higher materials to complete them. Our designers have extensive experience in choosing textures and colors that are aesthetically pleasing and are happy to make recommendations based on their artistic insights.

We understand, however, that we all have individual likes and dislikes when it comes to the materials that make up our environments. For this reason, we ask our clients for feedback on all of the details such as color, specific materials, and plants. If an item is ever unavailable or its availability is delayed at the source, we communicate and seek approval on substitutions so that you have a finished landscape that you will love for years to come.

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