Planting for Exposure

Planting forExposure

Planning for changing seasons and lighting

Your yard is different almost every time you set foot in it. Lighting will change constantly, based on the time of year or day. There is always something new to see – with plants growing and blooming and wildlife stopping by to get a drink or visit a flower, your yard is an ever-changing experience. Our designers at Lavish Gardens Landscape understand this and work to place features in ways that create visual interest and optimize you and your family's enjoyment of them.

Using beautiful hardscape and colorful, fragrant plantings that soften the look of your yard, they artfully plan for the natural variations in exposure and differences in shade, sun, and wind. Exposure is a practical concern, but aesthetic considerations include bringing in different leaf and flower colors to provide color and fragrance year-round.

Pictures can show beautiful color and texture, but try closing your eyes and imagine standing in front of a garden of flowers in full bloom in the spring. You can smell the subtle fragrance of salvia and agastache blossoms, watch dragonflies darting from one area to another, and see butterflies fluttering in for a landing. The hummingbirds and other pollinators are grateful to find food while most of the world is still cold and dormant. The skilled designers at Lavish Gardens Landscape understand this information and can orchestrate this experience in your yard, planning not just in three dimensions, but in four!

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