Turning problem areas into accents

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Turning problem areas into accents

Fencing and woodwork have the uncanny ability to turn an eyesore into an accent. Utilizing a carefully-placed trellis, an air conditioning unit can be transformed into a backdrop for a lovely flowering vine. A trellis with lush foliage on it can be used to shade a side yard while allowing you to see out of your window during the day.

A focal point can be created by a trellis with beautiful ornamental vines. With carefully-placed accent lighting, a trellis right outside a window can still being enjoyed indoors after dark – during a meal in a formal dining room, from a bedroom, or even during a relaxing bath.

Many different types of fencing and trellises are available along with woodwork to complement. Redwood frame lattice is long-lasting, requires little maintenance, and has the added advantage of muffling sound. Other styles are available and can be combined to create a traditional or updated look for your space. Trust our designers to solve problems in your yard while creating beautiful decorative features that will last for years to come.

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