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Functionally Extending the Use of Your Outdoor Spaces

You planned an outdoor party at your home tomorrow and now the weather says that light showers are expected. Why aren’t you worried? You have a covered patio so you will have shelter from the rain and a place for people to sit without getting soaked!

Shelter from the sun also allows you to use your space during the hottest parts of the summer and extends the life of your patio furniture and other equipment. On the hottest days, fans make the difference between wilted, dehydrated guests and those who don’t even notice the heat. This is the time of year when an outdoor living space is the most appreciated, but setting it up requires expertise in keeping an area cool. Let our designers figure it out and leave the fun details up to you.

On the other end of the spectrum, sunrooms give you a place to warm up during the cold winter months and can extend the growing season for plants that might still have fruit or flowers at the end of fall. Call us today to discuss your project ideas and enjoy your space year round.

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