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Lavish Gardens Landscape

Landscape Design

Our Landscape Design Process:

  • Our creative designers will meet with you initially for a one-on- one landscape consultation at no charge to you. We will listen attentively to your ideas to see what is important to you as well as add many very creative and custom ideas for your landscape project. We want to create a special place for you, so we will put all of the ideas you love to work aesthetically and functionally to make your yard usable and beautiful for you.
  • Your knowledgeable designer will then begin to bring your ideas to life on a scale design, starting with hardscape and then moving onto plantings; lighting; and all the extras that make your yard custom and your own.
  • Your designer will then have a second meeting or "Preliminary Review" to fully go through your design with you in person. He/she will discuss any changes that need to be made to ensure you have a finished design which you love; not just what your designer envisions. Again, we want your yard to be a yard that calls to you one you can enjoy for years to come. Of Course using our knowledge and expertise in horticulture and material usage to ensure it is a professional, creative, and useful design for you.
  • After your preliminary meeting, if there are no changes, your designer will then supply you with copies of your landscape design for your perusal and/or your Home Owners Association. You will then be scheduled for a free landscape construction estimate if you are not installing the project yourself. If there are changes to be made, your designer will gladly make the necessary changes to your design and supply you with your final design and copies.

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