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Lavish Gardens Landscape

Landscape Construction

Our Landscape Construction Process:

  • After you have met with one of our qualified and licensed landscape consultants and have signed a legal and descriptive contract with approximate start and completion dates, we schedule a preconstruction job walk with you. Your salesperson (which will now be your project coordinator) and your job foreman will meet to fully discuss your project so everyone understands what the scope of work entails, materials to be used, and basic timelines.
  • This meeting is a crucial part of the Lavish Gardens organizational process.
  • This meeting is held for the following reasons which benefit you the client as well as our company:
    • Your consultant/ project coordinator is present and not replaced with a new face once your contract for construction has been signed. This eliminates the potential for misinterpretation of a contract or “he said/ they said” from happening. Also, this promotes a friendly and comfortable setting for your meeting with the construction team.
    • The Lavish Gardens Landscape Team will paint out or outline on the ground where the key elements of work are going to be. We do this to ensure that our clients can visually see the size and exact placement of the landscape items to ensure it is exactly as you want before construction starts. Many clients like the option to change their mind on sizes or shapes of things. This simple process ensures you get exactly what you want.
    • We work with you on picking out materials with a "Sample Kit," which holds different types of materials. You can actually see them in hand without having to spend hours of your time looking through different landscape supply stores. We bring them to you to save you time and speed up the decision process. This means we can get to work faster without delays making your project come to life.
    • Your Landscape project is fully discussed answering all questions for our client, as well as our team. Because of this meeting our clients don’t have to be home daily; they can go on with daily life or go on vacation!
  • After your preconstruction job walk, our foreman will give you 2-3 days to let you think about and finalize your decisions before we continue with the construction process. Your foreman uses this time to organize for your project so it is a quick moving, organized landscape project until our job is done.
  • Remember, your project coordinator will have consistent communication with you so that you are not left wondering about a thing. You get to sit back and have some fun with the exciting transformation that will happen before your eyes creating your dream landscape.

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